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About Us

“It’s an eco-friendly, recycled-material-using, cooperative winemaking facility where a bunch of top-notch Oregon winemakers all share equipment to turn out classy Pinot Noir and other varietals, including sparkling wines and dessert wines… And to top it off, these wineries all pour their bottles in a shared tasting room that’s open to the public.” -Food & Wine Magazine

The Studio

  • Daylighting


    In the Tasting Room (depicted here) we rarely need to turn on the lights. In fact the entire facility has been constructed with conservation of electricity in mind. The Lighting Design Lab in Seattle consulted on the project and utilized its Daylighting Lab to identify optimal window placement for maximum natural light. This picture also begins to tell the story of the recycled material use in the building. The metal truss hails from a dismantled department store.

  • Recycled Materials


    The wooden boards used to construct the tasting room door are actually bleachers from a high school that needed to remodel its stands. The slats are in mint condition and the only signs of reuse are the small plugs in the holes left by the bolts that used to hold the benches together.

  • Reused Materials

    Another wonderful example of re-use is the laboratory in our facility. Reed College was remodeling its facilities and as a result we gained chemical resistant countertops for our work spaces.

The Team

Anthony King
Anthony King
General Manager

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Anthony received a Physics degree from Grinnell College in Iowa followed by a short-lived career editing high-school science textbooks and a stint as a freelance wine writer. Eventually deciding to focus on wine, he attended University of California-Davis and received a Masters in Viticulture and Enology. Since then, Anthony has held positions as winemaker at Acacia Winery in the Napa Valley and Lemelson Vineyards in the Willamette Valley. He left his position at Lemelson in December 2014 for the opportunity to work alongside the inconceivably fantastic gathering of great winemakers at the Carlton Winemakers Studio. Anthony, his wife Kara, and their two children live in McMinnville, Oregon.

Whitney Govert
Whitney Govert
Director of Hospitality and Wine Clubs

Whitney’s love of wine began as a Rotary exchange student in Germany. Her first introduction to wine was from her host family’s extensive wine library, introducing her to wines from literally all over the world. Whitney spent time in Peru working as the activities director at a girl’s orphanage and then graduated from Regent University with a bachelor’s degree in International Business. Searching for her passion, often while sampling a new flavor of Pinot noir, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon, she discovered she had been savoring her passion all these years. It was at The Four Graces Vineyard that Whitney learned how exhilarating and intellectually compelling wine and the wine industry truly are and began actively studying and gaining knowledge regarding wines from not only areas within the Pacific Northwest but globally as well. Whitney is thrilled to be working alongside the incredible winemakers and staff here at the Studio, and with her love of people, community, and the planning of events, she is excited to contribute her energy and positive attitude here at Carlton Winemaker’s Studio.

Mel Liebeck
Production Winemaker

Cheeky, manky, bits, and bangs. These are not words that describe Mel, but words that you might periodically hear in Mel’s continued attempt to indoctrinate everyone around her into a pattern of colorful Aussie lingo.

Mel is funny and combines that humor with a dead-serious intellectual approach to systems and organization to improve the world around her. Given her experience in the wine industry, her world is broader than most.

After receiving a Bachelors of Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis on Oenology from the University of Adelaide in 2007, Mel began a series of short to medium-term positions across the world. In eleven years, she has worked twenty-three harvests spanning eight wine regions in four countries. Not including the Studio, she has worked for twelve wineries, returning annually to some (like Adelsheim – six harvests!) and working only one harvest at others.

Given that experience, her fondness for systems, learning, and lingo-filled banter, Mel is perfect for her position and the Studio and tenant winemakers couldn’t be happier to have her with us.

Debbie Strauss
Debbie Strauss
Office Manager & Bookkeeper

An Alaskan native, Debbie has spent the last twenty years making businesses all over the Northwest work smoothly. From her family’s outboard shop to an aviation outfit and even a multi-national interiors company, Debbie has broad experience and really enjoys learning the ins and outs of different businesses.

In 2017, she got a call from the Studio¹s previous Office Manager, saying that the position was opening up. It was the perfect next step. Debbie¹s Studio experience has been fantastic so far. Surrounded by wine lovers, she has begun her deep dive into wine and is loving every minute. And for those around her, the experience has been even better as her infectious good spirits and thoughtfulness make the Studio an even better place to work and make wine.

Nick George CWS
Nick George
Tasting Room Manager

Born and raised in hospitality, Nick has followed his father’s footsteps towards making it his career. Traveling around the states, working in many different environments, from fishing resorts in Alaska to a high end steakhouse in Crested Butte, Colorado, Nick’s variety of experiences give him a unique perspective to offer the Studio and its guests.  In order to specialize in the beverage and hospitality industry, Nick graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Business and Hospitality and he has worked harvest for multiple well known vineyards here in the Willamette Valley in order to gain hands-on experience in the wine world. With his breadth of experience and well-rounded palate, Nick is the perfect fit to lead the tasting room at the Studio.


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