The Carlton Winemakers Studio is project conceived out of necessity and lofty goals.

Built in 2001 as the country’s first “Green Winery” in accordance with the US Government’s Green Building Codes, and LEED specifications, the building is testament to a commitment to sustainability in building and operation for the winery community. Daylighting, recycling of materials and reuse of infrastructure demonstrate the extent the owners of this facility have gone to gently make their mark on the beautiful site that houses this innovative co-operative winery.

Since its first harvest in 2002, The Studio has been home to an ever evolving list of small, boutique wineries looking for, and finding, a home in a state of the art, gravity flow winery that is the very definition of cooperative. Each winery having the autonomy to make their mark on each individual vintage while being surrounded by other winemakers doing the very same thing in their own style and techniques. This cooperative energy is evidenced in the extremely high quality of the wines being produced here.

The Carlton Winemakers Studio was the first Alternating Proprietor facility in the United States. We are not a custom crush facility per se where one winemaker is making several brands. Instead, each winery is completely independent of each other and is charged with providing their own winemaker, grapes and specific tools, such as barrels, that make their brand unique and special.

Our wineries are sourcing grapes from throughout the Willamette Valley. Often wineries own vineyards, other times grapes are bought on contract from other growers.

The Studio provides the space, tanks and infrastructure to make it all happen. Together, this model allows these small producers to create their art.

Because of the diversity of our wineries, the consumer is treated to a magical snapshot of the Willamette Valley and what it has to offer. The only thing connecting the many producers at The Studio is the building.

Our tasting room and retail area allow you, the customer and “wine curious” to experience this wonderful assortment of high quality wines and varietals side by side. This allows you to truly evaluate the different grape growing regions, or AVAs, and styles these winemakers are bringing to each vintage.

We hope that you will enjoy this historic and innovative winery and hopefully leave with a greater understanding of this incredible place called The Willamette Valley.