Three bottles of Aubaine wine


Aubaine, pronounced Ō-Bane, is a high-end boutique project of single vineyard and estate only Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Founder Andy Lytle (also co-founder of Lytle-Barnett) has teamed up with esteemed winemaker Isabelle Meunier to make the best possible expression of his two sites in the Eola-Amity Hills.

After almost 30 years in the wine and beverage business, Andy purchased two properties in the Eola-Amity Hills to build as legacy estates to make wine that “will be a true reflection of the best of Eola-Amity Hills and Willamette Valley.” 

The Anahata Vineyard, planted in 2015, surrounds Andy’s AtTheJoy luxury vacation rental, and sits just up the street from nearby Bethel Heights Vineyard and Temperance Hill. The name of the vineyard is the Sanskrit word for the heart chakra with blocks named after translations of the word JOY.

The second legacy property, Windfall Vineyard, is a 117 acre masterpiece that is still in development. Sitting on the west side of the Eola-Amity Hills, Windfall Vineyard benefits from the cool evening breezes channeled from the coast through the Van Duzer Corridor. With warm days and cool nights, these wines are sure to be distinctive and special expressions of the region.

Aubaine is the French term for Windfall. The green wave on the label represents the Eola-Amity Hills, and the blue wave represents the winds of the Van Duzer Corridor. Aubaine’s inaugural release is the 2019 vintage from the Anahata vineyard.

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