Lavinea vineyards


Man smelling a glass of wine pulled from a barrel

Building on years of critical acclaim, focusing on some of the oldest, renowned vineyard sources in the Willamette Valley, Isabelle Meunier and Greg Ralston are proud to announce the launch of their collaboration, Lavinea, producing wines that are crafted to be the highest expression and purest voice of site-specific terroir.

After a long career working with Burgundian varietals in New Zealand, Burgundy and Oregon, Isabelle has distilled her many vintages of experience into a clear path focused on revealing and sharing the greatness that exists in Chardonnay and Pinot noir in Oregon.

Greg has, over the last two decades, managed and guided several of the most celebrated wine estates in California, Burgundy, Italy and Oregon – some embryonic and some grand. During that time, he contributed to the creation and enjoyment of some of the most celebrated wines of these regions.


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