Lytle-Barnett bottles and glass of sparkling wine


Lytle-Barnett bottles and glass of sparkling wine

Good sparkling wine comes from a fortuitous blend of natural forces and human intervention. Lytle-Barnett has found that the very best of the best emerge in places where exceptional quality meets passion, experience and great timing.

For decades, Andy Lytle and Antony Beck watched Oregon’s Willamette Valley mature into a terroir capable of producing more than just world-class pinot noir. With new varietals emerging and coming into their own, they saw that the timing was perfect to create exceptionally high-quality local bubbles using the exact specifications of vintage french champagne.

After convincing Pregon’s iconic maker of bubbles, Andrew Davis, to work exclusively with them, Andy and Antony invited their friend, South Africa’s sparkling wine legend Pieter Ferreira to help us apply the great tradition of méthode champenoise to the spirit of adventure and sense of place that we only find here in the Willamette Valley.

Lytle-Barnett’s first vintages achieve a level of joyful accomplishment that happens when two internationally acclaimed sparkling winemakers come together to work (and play) with the possibilities emerging in a region producing some of the world’s most exciting wines.

Every bottle of Lytle-Barnett is a confluence of Andy, Antony, Andrew, and Pieter’s collective experience, their passion for Oregon’s unique winemaking culture, and their respect for centuries of french champagne tradition. And now, after more than three years in the bottle, the first bubbles are ready to celebrate.

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