Quintet Cellars

Quintet was founded in 2012 to inspire and produce great wine. In order to achieve this objective, we have sourced fruit from four vineyards on Ribbon Ridge since 2012.

Our mantra, “Great Pinot starts with the vineyard.” We got underway in 2012 with fruit sourced from the Ribbon Ridge AVA and expanded our efforts to include the Yamhill Carlton AVA starting in 2015. Our crest represents the battle for winemaking balance. Quintet’s is continually focused on producing exceptional wine.
Ed Barr has a varied and exciting career as a senior executive for a Wall Street investment bank, an international wheat and soybean deal-maker, and a hedge fund trader.  East coast living was a long way from his upbringing near the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma.  In 2000, while living on the East Coast, Ed met Oregon native Sue Kirschbaum Barrett and they decided to head west and start a winery. Sue was born and raised in Lake Oswego Oregon and is a graduate from Oregon State University with a degree in food science. Upon returning to Oregon Ed and Sue enrolled in classes for winemaking and vineyard management at The Northwest Viticulture Center in West Salem. With three friends, they created Quintet Cellars in 2012 with the goal of laying the ground work for a wine label that ultimately would have a far reach.
Quintet enjoyed a great year in 2018 as production continued to advance and distribution increased. It will also mark the first year for Quintet to produce a single-vineyard Chardonnay from the Yamhill Carlton AVA.
Quintet Cellars stakes its award-winning wines on premium vineyard management that is committed to produce exceptional wine grapes.  Ed and Sue have worked with consulting winemaker Anthony King since the end of the 2015 vintage. They have produced wine at the Carlton Winemakers Studio since Quintet’s inception in 2012.
Production is limited, quality and demand high. Visit the Studio’s website to purchase Quintet wines directly from the Studio or Quintet’s website to discover select northwest restaurants where Quintet wines may be found.
Website: Quintetcellars.com

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