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Quintet was created to Celebrate and inspire great Pinot Noir. In order to achieve this objective, we started by sourcing fruit from vineyards Located in the “Ribbon Ridge” AVA.

For Ed Barr, east coast living was a long way from his upbringing near the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma.  In 2000, while living on the East Coast, Ed met Oregon native Sue Barrett over a game of tennis. Ten years later, over a glass of wine, they decided to return to the west coast and start a winery. Sue is a graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Food Science. Upon returning to Oregon, Ed and Sue enrolled at The Northwest Viticulture Center for winemaking and vineyard management. Ed, an economics major in college gives credit to Sue for getting him through the chemistry portion of their wine studies. All went well at the Northwest Viticulture Center, and with three friends, Ed and Sue created Quintet Cellars with the goal of laying the groundwork for a label that would have national appeal.

Quintet was established in 2012 with fruit sourced from the Ribbon Ridge AVA, then expanded their efforts in 2015 to produce Quintet’s, “Yamhill Duet”.  In 2018, they sourced their first Chardonnay grapes from Matteri Vineyards, located high and dry in the northern corner of the Yamhill Carlton AVA. From humble beginnings they are now marketing their wines through distributors in California, Washington and Idaho. Quintet is a homegrown winery having produced wine at the Carlton Winemakers Studio since the beginning.

Quintet has worked with consulting winemaker Anthony King since 2015 vintage. Anthony’s background as both a vineyard manager and world class winemaker are the perfect match for Quintet’s approach to winemaking, with the focus on superior vineyard management, the grapes produced, and the ensuing fine wine.


The Quintet Crest represents the battle for balance, both in the vineyard and the winery

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