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The first Pinot Noir from Ratio Wines is released as part of the Retina Series, which donates 10% of revenues to the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Ratio is the new project of winemaker Anthony King.  

Anthony came to the Carlton Winemakers Studio in 2015, after eight years as winemaker at Lemelson Vineyards, with the express intent to continue to learn his craft. “The Studio offers a rare opportunity to continue to challenge your own assumptions, see fruit from across the Valley and beyond, and work alongside some of the best winemakers in the world.” he explains.   

Ratio is not intended for growth. It is small and will continue to remain so. It is a conduit for King’s ongoing attempt to understand and hone his ability to express the place and make wines that are both individual and worthy of praise within the context of wines from anywhere in the world. 

Ratio released two wines from the 2015 vintage: a single vineyard Chardonnay and a Pinot noir from Eola-Amity Hills. His plans for the future include small production of other white varietals and more exploration of Pinot noir sites from across the valley. “The challenge and goal is to make whites that are powerful yet restrained and Pinot noir with interest and an authentic sense of place.” 

The 2015 Pinot noir comes from the organically farmed Jessie James Vineyard high up in Eola-Amity Hills. Ratio will release a single vineyard Pinot noir from Jesse James in 2016, while the Retina Pinot noir will continue to be an evolving exploration of small, unique sites throughout the Willamette Valley.  

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