2003 and 2004 Vintages

The 2nd and 3rd vintages at the Studio found only a couple of changes in the line-up of producers excited to make their wines at the still-new facility. Tony Soter moved out to start his own independent winery in 2003. Most stayed put and there was the addition of both Scott Paul and Ribbon Ridge to the producer line-up.  Kelley Fox, assistant winemaker for Hamacher Wines even brought in a little over a ton of fruit on her own for what later became Kelley Fox Wines. The Studio continued to process a few tons of grapes under their own CWS label and the biggest tonnage went to Andrew Rich, Penner-Ash and Hamacher Wines, who all increased their production from 2003 to 2004. The consistency during these two vintages in producers at the Studio helped to cement the lasting systems and procedures at the winery and led to a great sense of camaraderie amongst the winemakers. Two new AVAs came into play during this time that had a big impact on the producers at the Studio. The Yamhill-Carlton and Chehalem Mountain AVA were both established in 2003.